• BRIDGE Value Framework

    BRIDGE is a purpose-driven community, biased to action focused on the workplace, workforce, and marketplace.

    The BRIDGE mission is to create a cultural shift in companies where DEI principles flow through all facets of an organization, from the C-Suite and marketing through product development, procurement and customer service.

    With the variety of programs that BRIDGE offers including proprietary research, storytelling workshops, events and more, we identify, dismantle, and rethink the structures in place that currently contribute to the gap in belonging, representation, inclusion, diversity and equity (BRIDGE is an acronym for these).

    Our long term goal, with the help of our founding board members composed of DEI and business leaders, is to create a comprehensive BRIDGE agenda for all companies and to subsequently certify against its implementation and measure its impact.

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    Inclusion is Good for Business

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  • Inclusion is Good for Business.


    The framework to operationalize inclusion


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