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BRIDGE is the only independent, action-oriented, purpose-driven DEI trade group for the global marketing industry. Our mission is to move the narrative of DEI from a philosophy to operationalizing Inclusion as a business practice. 

BRIDGE is an acronym for Belonging, Representation, Inclusion, Diversity, the G is the Gap and E is for Equity.

This approach transforms DEI from the job of one to the job of all and removes its dependency on a function or opinions and beliefs, and places its success squarely on patterns of behavior, policy and processes, integrated across the organization.

BRIDGE partners with passionate DEI leaders, marketers, business leaders and academics to identify, dismantle and rethink the existing structures that contribute to gaps in the workplace, workforce, and marketplace. Our membership extends across the ecosystem including brands, agencies, media companies, tech enablers, as well as DEI and HR practitioners and solution providers.

With its proprietary and groundbreaking inclusion maturity framework, IMAX, BRIDGE provides you with 72 business practices to help companies:

  1. Future proof your business for growth
  2. Build inclusion as a competitive advantage 
  3. Measure your inclusion maturity at the brand or organization level.
  4. Build capabilities to bridge the gaps 

We have a place for you

Working Together to Drive Systemic Change

General Membership

Corporate Membership for DEI, Marketing & Business Teams

Business, Marketing and DEI leaders know that more deliberate and effective inclusion strategies are a force-multiplier for growth.

Member Benefits:

  • Proven Framework: Discounted and priority access to the BRIDGE Inclusion Maturity Assessment
  • Industry Collaboration: Steer initiatives by joining Committees and Action Groups focused on specific subject-matter areas 
  • Capability Building: Tap tools and insights to strengthen inclusion capabilities
  • Partnership Opportunities: Sponsor research, program, or events
  • Networking: Invitations to members-only events

Additional benefits at the Enthusiast Level:

  • All membership benefits at the general level
  • Additionally, enthusiast members may nominate a DEI or business/marketing leader from your organization to the BRIDGE Board of Directors

Additional benefits at the Advocate & Champion Levels:

  • All membership benefits at the general and enthusiast levels
  • Additionally, the opportunity to make a strategic investment to develop, lead and/or participate in an industry initiative

Collaborator Membership

for DEI or HR Practitioners and Solution Providers

Independent DEI practitioners and solution providers play a critical role in supporting teams and organizations to transform their cultures and equip their leaders with best-in-class tools, metrics and strategies.

Member Benefits:

  • One (1) seat on the BRIDGE Collaborator Board (meets quarterly; non-governing)
  • Help steer and prioritize the agenda of the Collaborator membership group in support of the overall BRIDGE mission
  • Optional revenue share opportunity with BRIDGE’s proprietary IMAX framework (Inclusion Maturity Assessment and Capability Building). Tailored program dependent on individual needs and opportunities includes:
    • Participate in an IMAX workshop to become familiar with the framework to easily incorporate into your client offerings
    • Contribute thought leadership to industry best practices to help bridge the gaps between an organization’s current inclusion maturity, and where they need to be
  • Contribute to the BRIDGE Resource Library (coming soon!)
  • Network & Partner opportunities with other industry leaders
  • Participate in one BRIDGE Board of Directors meeting per year

2023-24 Membership Tiers

BRIDGE General Membership

(for DEI, Marketing, or Business Leaders, and their Teams)

Membership Tiers

Tier 1

BRIDGE Supporter

(Not eligible for Board participation)

Tier 2

BRIDGE Enthusiast


Tier 3

BRIDGE Advocate

(Strategic Level Investment in support of a program)

Tier 4

BRIDGE Champion

(Strategic Level Investment in support of a program)

Membership Dues


Start Up Rate

<10 employees or <1M in revenue





Tier 1 Supporter

<100 employees


Tier 1 Supporter

(100+ employees)

BRIDGE Collaborator Membership

(DEI or HR Independent Practitioners or Solution Providers*)

Membership Tiers

< 10 employees

10-25 employees or less than $1M in revenue

25+ employees or more than $1M in revenue

Membership Dues




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