Inclusion is Good for Business.


Introducing BRIDGE IMAX, a revolutionary framework that reveals 72 business practices across five dimensions in the organization, laying the foundation for building inclusive brands and companies.

By measuring inclusion maturity at both the brand and company levels, IMAX equips diversity, marketing, and business leaders with the following:

  • Inclusion Assessment: Determine where gaps exist across the organization
  • Intentional Prioritization Process: Be intentional about your focus on priorities for low-hanging and longer-term practices.
  • Capability Building: Implement the capabilities needed to bridge these gaps.

Maximizing Inclusion for Business Growth

BRIDGE IMAX – Inclusion Maturity Assessment and Capability Building – will help you future-proof your business by maximizing inclusion for growth. Offering a distinct competitive advantage, BRIDGE IMAX decentralizes inclusion, shifting its dependency from individuals, functions, or beliefs to structured operating policies, processes, and practices.

By unlocking the powerful collaboration between CDOs, CMOs, and CEOs, BRIDGE IMAX delivers a concrete approach to jointly lead the building of inclusive brands and companies in three phases:

BRIDGE IMAX is currently being piloted by industry leaders:

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The Origin of IMAX

IMAX is the culmination of a cross-sector research collaboration between academia and industry. Developed with BRIDGE’s Board of Directors, Research Steering Committee, and a distinguished academic team from Emory University, The University of Georgia, and Indiana University, BRIDGE IMAX represents a new approach to inclusion as a growth driver.

The Research Team

Dr. Omar Rodríguez-Vilá
Dr. Omar Rodríguez-Vilá
Professor in the Practice of Marketing and the Director of Education / Business & Society Institute, Goizueta Business School
Emory University
Sundar Bharadwaj, PhD
Sundar Bharadwaj, PhD
The Coca-Cola Company Chair, Professor of Marketing
Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
Dionne Antoinette Nickerson, PhD
Dionne Antoinette Nickerson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

The Focus

Steeped in meticulous examination, the research revealed the practices that contribute to the equities and inequities affecting under-represented communities in the marketplace, including product availability, pricing structures, and services.

The Insight

“We specifically focused on the marketplace because this space has received very little academic or managerial attention,” said Dr. Rodríguez Vilá. “Our investigation also uncovered workplace behaviors and dependencies critical for the marketplace to succeed.”

The Methodology

The research included a combination of the BRIDGE Voices of Inclusion Research with interviews of close to 50 CDOs, CMOs, and CEOs, as well as an extensive academic review of existing research literature, and consumer sentiment research. Leverage inclusion to drive your business growth.

Hear why the Industry is Excited!

  • Deborah

    BRIDGE's IMAX gives C-level executives a clear measure of inclusion maturity, helping them target growth efforts. It goes beyond existing assessments to provide immediate, actionable insights and a clear path forward.”

    Deborah Yeh, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Sephora

  • Jonita

    I'm excited about IMAX's potential to elevate CDOs' role and extend DEI's impact across all business areas. It's aligned with Discover's belief in making inclusion everyone's job, offering a tool to turn this into a competitive advantage.”

    Jonita Wilson, Chief Diversity Officer, Discover Financial

  • Sheryl

    With IMAX, we are laser-focused on moving DEI from the dependency on one to the responsibility of many, from being philosophical to being practice-driven, and from being performative to being intentional around building the inclusion capabilities needed to deliver sustainable growth.”

    Sheryl Daija, CEO & Founder, BRIDGE

  • Leslie

    IMAX is an historic win for inclusion, business, and the communities we serve,” “It is also an inherent unifier because it gives executive teams and practitioners across our organizations the collaborative means to see where our gaps are and close them together.”

    Leslie Waller, Former VP, Marketing, Campbells

  • Tish

    I am impressed by how insightful and actionable the social media analysis is and how it works in tandem with IMAX,” “I receive a lot of data in my role, but I have never seen data of this nature that allows us to understand inclusion as a metric for Unilever brands and helps us identify which practices we can share across brands to create and accelerate even further impact.”

    Tish Archie Oliver, Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Officer, Unilever, NA, Unilever

Leverage inclusion as a strategic growth driver for your organization. See how IMAX can be tailored to your needs.

The Steering Committee

Deborah Yeh
Deborah Yeh
Global Chief Marketing Officer
Emile Khader
Emile Khader
Chief of Staff
Joy Allen-Altimare
Joy Allen-Altimare
Chief Revenue Officer
Havas Media
Meredith Brace
Meredith Brace
Chief Marketing Officer
XR Extreme Reach
Kareem Cook
Kareem Cook
Chief Marketing Officer, Owner
Jon Suarez Davis
Jon Suarez Davis
Chief Customer Officer
Louis Jones
Louis Jones
The Brand Safety Institute
Deidre Smalls-Landau
Deidre Smalls-Landau
Chief Business Equity Officer
UM/IPG Mediabrands
Rebecca Messina
Rebecca Messina
Senior Advisor
McKinsey & Co
Yin Woon Rani
Yin Woon Rani
Leslie Waller
Leslie Waller
Former VP, Marketing
Jonita Wilson
Jonita Wilson
Chief Diversity Officer
Discover Financial

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