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Highlights from BRIDGE 2023

BRIDGE 2023 Attendee stats
  • Deborah

    I am coming away from this event feeling really optimistic. This is actually one of the few events that I've been to where the lens has been mission-driven. I'm feeling really refreshed by what I'm seeing and inspired by all the people here.”

    Deborah Yeh, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Sephora

  • Randi

    There are good industry events - even some great ones. And then there are experiences that fundamentally change how we think, how we act, how we lead. #BRIDGE2023 was an experience. ”

    Randi Stipes, Chief Marketing Officer, The Weather Company

  • Elise

    This was an amazing experience, Sheryl and team. I feel so full right now. It's easy to get defeated when you are doing this work, so I want to thank you for holding space for us to give back and share.”

    Elise James-DeCruise, Chief Equity Officer, AdCouncil

  • David

    I was delighted and honored to join Bridge 2023 today for a powerful conversation about the critical role CEOs play in building DE&I into their company's core strategic and operational priorities.”

    David Kenny, Executive Chairman, Nielsen

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