We believe that while BRIDGE companies have the power to change DEI issues at the corporate level, we MUST create alternatives for Black and Brown students in the education system to abate the dropout rate, stop the poverty to prison pipeline and create more robust funnels into the business world.

Leveraging our experiences from international schools (outside of the US), BRIDGE Academy International will equalize the opportunities and expectations for underserved students providing them with three distinct pathways including Academics, Accreditation in Trades and Athletics. More information available upon request.

“Underserved kids have to work twice as hard just to keep up with the rest of the world, most of them don’t even start the race until it’s over. We need to give them the chance to start the race on time - that’s not an advantage, that’s just an equal opportunity to succeed!”
    — All American

Academy leadership

Sheryl Daija
CEO & Founder

Kevin Bradshaw
Former Professional Basketball Player,
Teacher, Dean of Students and Principal

Johnson Asiedu
Founder & Director, FC Golden State San Diego,
Founder & CEO, New Life Athletes Foundation