Integrating DEI as a Core Business Strategy


December 11, 2023

Integrating DEI as a Core Business Strategy

The urgency of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the marketing landscape cannot be overstressed. Sheryl Daija, theFounder & CEO of BRIDGE, and Deidre Smalls-Landau, Chief Business Equity Officer at UM/IPG Mediabrands, echo a compelling message: DEI is not a solo expedition but a collective enterprise in their interview with Matthew Schwartz ofthe ANA Champions of Growth podcast. Here are a few takeaways from their discussion:

Uniting for DEI Advancement

Sheryl and Deidre emphasize that the responsibility for DEI cannot be siloed within the confines of a designated advocate or department. True progress demands a concerted effort from every member of an organization. It's a multifaceted commitment that extends beyond the surface, seeking to weave DEI into the corporate DNA and transform it into actionable business practices.

Operationalizing DEI for Tangible Results

One of the standout points from the conversation is the concept of operationalizing inclusion. Daija champions the approach of embedding DEI into the everyday operations of a company, ensuring that it becomes a living, breathing part of the organizational culture and decision-making processes. This means going beyond mere policy announcements to the point where DEI is reflected in a company's daily actions and choices, from hiring practices to marketing campaigns.

The DEI Maturity Assessment: A Tool for Progress

BRIDGE's initiative to develop an assessment tool that helps organizations gauge their DEI maturity level is vital.This tool, named BRIDGE IMAX, serves as a barometer for companies to measure their DEI business practices and provides a clear picture of where they stand on their inclusion maturity. Understanding this starting point is crucial for identifying actionable steps and crafting strategies to yield real and lasting change.

Communicating DEI Beyond Rhetoric

Both Sheryl and Deidre recognize that communication is crucial in conveying the essence of DEI. It's not enough fororganizations to acknowledge DEI; they must actively demonstrate and practice it. By doing so, businesses can tap into unexplored markets, foster innovation, and drive financial growth, all while championing social progress.

In Closing: DEI as a Universal Mandate

As Sheryl Daija and Deidre Smalls-Landau articulate, DEI must transcend individual efforts and permeate every level of corporate structure and strategy. This transformative process begins with a candid assessment: companies need to know where they stand to chart the course ahead. The journey from awareness to action, from metrics to meaningful accountability, is pivotal in constructing the architecture of inclusive companies that deliver true growth and equity.

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